• Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
    Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

    Cure Impotence and Save Your Vision

    I’m not going to openly harm someone else’s business, but if you have any knowledge about masculine impotence and the business of erectile dysfunction is the case, then you’ve heard the latest hype… VISION LOSS! It’s not hard to understand that loss of vision is among the most destructive side effects linked to erectile-disfunction drugs. If this article could help you or a few males from losing vision forever, I’d be foolish to not share the truth about the cure for male impotence and preserving your eyesight. Unfortunately that millions of men are being cheated to the tune of money and often losing their vision due to an erectile dysfunction Cenforce 150 drug that is a miracle. Are you the next victim?

    Erectile Dysfunction Medication:

    Why do we hear all the time about vision loss and the male erectile dysfunction medications? What is the reason that commercials that chant the slogans of living the good life (viva) and mentioning that vision loss could happen to their clients? This sounds like an omen to me… You may lose your vision , or it could not. It’s not something you’d like to take part in?

    Do you realize that a lot of instances of loss of vision are being reported across the world due to medication for male impotence? Did you know that the male impotence market is rife with lawsuits for loss of vision? And did you know research suggests smoking cigarettes as a cause of cancer, it also suggests that men taking erectile dysfunction medications that cause loss of vision?

    Research doesn’t lie! When you, or someone else you care about is taking medication for impotence You have the right to understand what’s happening in your body. But, due to recent legal cases, Erectile Dysfunction Medication Companies are revealing the truth to safeguard their investors. It’s time to know the reason E.D. medication causes vision loss.

    Vision Loss and Erectile Dysfunction Medication

    Researchers from the University of Minnesota researchers have identified a condition known as non-arthritic optic neuropathy (NAION) within a small group of men who were taking an erectile dysfunction medication. NAION (or strokes of the eye) is when the flow of blood towards the optic nerve gets interrupted leading to nerve damage and permanent vision loss. How does this happen?

    The E.D. medication is released by sildenafil citrate into the bloodstream. This inhibits the PDE5 enzyme (problem that causes E.D.) within the participant. Short story the moment a man gets amused, he’ll be in a position to get sufficient blood flow, thus being capable of having an erection. But the nerves and blood vessels are tightly wrapped, the medication could cause NAION blindness.

    What is the reason men are taking this risk? Because they do not know about the many simple remedies for natural cures that can speed up the circulation of testosterone to men’s bodies. How can you not find this…

    • What foods can open the arteries that increase circulation beneath the belt?
    • What is the reason Gingko could turn you into an stallion once more?
    • What vitamins are so simple that they could make you speechless?
    • Why is breathingn’t only for life anymore?
    • Why is a natural and guaranteed Erectile Dysfunction Treatment that has been successful for thousands of men?

    Do not play in the E.D. drug lottery today! Your eyesight is more valuable than putting it into an ear of a cooperative billionaire who doesn’t care a care if you’ll see the same the next… practically. Visit our website Hotmedz to ensure that you’ll be able to see without no prescription Vidalista 80 drugs… all you require is a trip to the store!

    Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

    Erectile Dysfunction treatment is sought by millions of men across the globe. Erectile Dysfunction could be an extremely serious issue if it is it is not addressed. It is also humiliating and can cause a lot of embarrassment. Fortunately, this problem is now out of the shadows which means it is not being discussed in the dark hallways. There are the 153 million males who are thought to suffer from erectile problems around the globe. Now, there are solutions that can fix the problem for many of them. Even if you’ve got an illness or are getting older you are still able to live an active and enjoyable personal life.

    For elderly men, physical reasons are the main cause for 60 percent or more of cases of Erectile dysfunction. When a man is who are over 60, the primary cause is atherosclerosis, which is the closing of the blood vessels which can hinder circulation of blood towards the penis. Damage or illness of the connective tissue like Peyronie’s disease can also cause problems. The nerves of the penis caused by certain types of surgeries or neurologic conditions like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis can also lead to the condition known as erectile dysfunction. Patients with diabetes are more susceptible to impotence because of their increased risk of both atherosclerosis and a neuro disease known as diabetic neuropathy. Other reasons include using certain medications that are a part of certain blood pressure medication and tranquilizers. These include antihistamines (especially prior to having an affair) as well as antidepressants. Alcohol consumption, smoking and the use of illicit drugs can also be contributing factors. In rare instances in which testosterone levels are low, testosterone in men could cause erectile insufficiency. Additionally, psychological factors such as guilt, stress or anxiety, could be a factor in erectile dysfunction, even if it is mostly due to physical causes.


    The treatment for erectile dysfunction varies based on the root cause. Vacuum therapy is a method where the patient places his penis inside a transparent plastic cylinder and utilizes an air pump to push air out of the cylinder and create a partial vacuum around the penis. This helps draw blood into the cavernosa of the corpora. Injection therapy is the process of injecting a chemical into the penis to boost the flow of blood and trigger an the erection.

    The long-anticipated breakthrough an impotence pill was approved for commercialization by the FDA in March 1998. It is known as sildenafil citrate (brand brand name Viagra) it enhances the amount of a substance known as cyclic GMP which helps in enlarging blood vessels within the penis. Viagra has been found to be effective in around 70% to 80% of those who use it, and they can even be effective for those who have a psychological element that causes their infertility. Contrary to drugs that are injected through the penis Viagra produces an erection when the individual is stimulated. Implantable penile prostheses for the penis are generally thought of as the last resort in treatment of impotence. They are placed in the corpora cavernosa in order to create a rigid penis and without blood flow. Many herbs are being promoted as treatments for Erectile dysfunction, such as Coryanthe yohimbe (available through prescription as Yohimbine) along with gingko (Gingko biloba) but neither of them has been proven to treat the condition with controlled studies.



  • How to Hold Chopstick Properly?
    How to Hold Chopstick Properly?

    A pair of chopsticks is a set of two wooden or bamboo sticks of equal length. They are held in the dominant hand and used to hold food. They are held in the predominant hand, got by fingers, and employed as augmentations of the hand, to get food.

    The traditional type of chopsticks is smooth and are typically tapered, and made of wood, bamboo, metal, ivory, and ceramics. They’re frequently made of non-traditional materials such as plastic, stainless steel, and titanium. Chopsticks are often thought to require practice and skill to master.

    Methods for Holding Chopstick Properly

    Method 1: Picking the Chopsticks Accurately

    You should always use the same hand to pick up the chopsticks.

    Using your dominant hand, grasp the chopsticks at their midpoint, place your non-dominant hand underneath the tip end, and gently squeeze the chopsticks together. You should hold them with the back of your hand facing towards you. It’s time to put the rice and the other foods into the serving dishes.

    Holding Chopstick Properly

    On A Standard Table Setting

    the rice and the other foods are placed on the table side-by-side, but with the rice on top of the other foods.

    Using your first 2 or 3 fingers and thumb to pick up your chopsticks is usually easiest. It’s best to be careful not to make a loud clacking sound when picking up your chopsticks. But this may be considered rude in quieter eateries and more formal settings.

    Chopsticks are usually placed horizontally on a table, with the handles of each pair aligned, and they are used to hold food or drink.

    It’s usually easiest to use your first two or three fingers and thumb to pick up your chopsticks.

    When picking up your chopsticks, don’t make a loud noise as you do so. This is considered impolite in more formal dining settings.

    The chopstick should be placed right around the top third of the chopstick.

    When using chopsticks, hold them together with your non-dominant hand. You’ll find that it’s easier to use the right chopstick if you position your hand correctly.

    Controlling Your Chopsticks


    If You’re Not Sure Where to Place Your Hand

    Align the top of the chopsticks with the tip of your thumb, then turn your hand over also grasp the point closest to the foundation of your thumb.

    Holding your chopsticks with the wide end facing outward and the narrow, tapered end facing inward will help you use them more efficiently.

    To make the most of the food on your plate, first, place your chopsticks in the center of the bowl and turn the bowl upside down. Then, with your fingers extended, grip the edge of the bowl and pull it toward you.

    To prevent your hands from sliding off the chopsticks when they are too high or too low, make sure that the distance between your thumb and fingers is the same as the distance between the thumb and index finger of your other hand.

    Hold your chopsticks with the wide end facing outward and the tapered end facing inward.

    Place the bottom chopstick on the base of your thumb and ring finger. Arrange your first chopstick so that the top part is resting in the crevice between your thumb and forefinger, and the tip end is lying on the inner edge of your ring finger.

    Start By Holding the Chopsticks at An Angle

    Start by holding the chopsticks at an angle. Then move them to the vertical position. Now, slide the outer edge of the bottom end of the chopsticks between the first knuckle and the side of your thumb. Hold this position and brace the inner edge of the chopsticks with the pad of your thumb.

    Both chopsticks should be pointed in the same direction, with the tips and tops of the chopsticks evenly aligned.

    Method 2: Controlling Your Chopsticks

    Use the index and middle fingers of one hand to open and close the chopsticks. Try lifting your index and middle fingers in unison to open the chopsticks. Press down to close them. The chopstick should feel like an extension of your fingers.

    The tops should remain where they are or come somewhat nearer to one another without really contacting. The key to opening and closing chopsticks is imagining you’re making air quotes with your hand.

    If you find yourself struggling to pick up food, try moving your hand so that the pad of your middle finger is resting on the bottom chopstick on the opposite side of your thumb.

    You only need to use the tips of the chopsticks to lift the food. Don’t move the tops of the chopsticks together.

    If You’re Making a Salad

    It’s okay to use your dominant hand to hold the lettuce and other ingredients. You can also use the non-dominant hand to do any of the chopping’s.

    The farther up or down your chopsticks slide, the more difficult it will become to use them. You want to hold them firmly, but not so tightly that you fatigue your hand. This will only make your technique deteriorate.

    Make sure that your chopsticks are held securely, but not so tightly that your hand tires out.

    If You’re Eating Something That’s Very Small Or Bite-Sized

    You can use your index finger to push the food into position. When you raise the food to your mouth, push down lightly on your index finger to pin the food in the place.

    Try this fun exercise to develop your chopstick skills. Remember, the bottom chopstick is just there to provide support from beneath.

    Method 3: Learning Proper Chopstick Etiquette

    It’s important to use both chopsticks at the same time. Don’t try to spear your food with one and pick it up with the other. No matter how much trouble you’re having with using chopsticks, just stick with it. Chopsticks are only for eating. They’re not meant to be used for anything else.

    In addition, there are a few other tips to keep in mind.

    Even in some parts of the world, it’s considered rude to hold your chopsticks separately.

    When you lay your chopsticks across your plate or bowl, you’re saying you’re finished. That’s why you’ll often see people cross their chopsticks together, so you don’t have to pick them up. It’s also a bad idea to use chopsticks to flip your food or move it around your plate.


    Chopsticks aren’t difficult to use. In fact, they’re quite simple. There’s no need to be intimidated by them. If you can pick up a fork and knife, you can use chopsticks.
    Chopsticks are actually a part of your body. If you practice, you’ll develop the dexterity to use them. In time, you’ll be able to use them as a natural extension of your hands.

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